WARNING: high snark content.

You can guess what triggered the snark – we’re doing another POTUS Rally decode. Gosh, these people.

We have gender talk, war talk, satanic sacrifice talk, Fauci talk, and clown talk!

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  • Gay couple using adopted children for porn and trafficking is the theme. Of the documentary The Boy With The Henna Tattoo.  It is what opened me up to this dark underworld.  I found it on You Tube 4 years ago, have no clue where you can get it now, but it's a mind blower!  A must see education. 💕

  • There is an ET that Elena Danaan who's not a fake has shown one that has a head shaped like a watermelon I can see the pic right now in my head she has videos and a book her last book that will show you the drawings of all of these 200 I believe there were more than 100 anyway but a big fat book full of Aliens their names and where they come fromElena was abducted at age 10 and her ET SAVIOUR who saved her from the grays I forget his name on the tip of my tongue Anyway ck her out on YouTube or Rumble

  • These ppl the cabal all come from the same bloodline the line of Cain the caananites Cain was the first murderer on the planet he slew his brother Abel Adam and Eves children What we weren't taught is that Satan Lucifer whatever you want to call this pile of shit put Eve in a trance (mind control) and impregnated her w Cain this is how Lucifer intended to mess up the true human line of Adam known by God as his children THATS WHERE THESE ANIMALS COME FROM AND THEY NEVER MIX BLOOD   LINDA IS ON A RAMPAGE I LOVE IT IM RIGHT W HER AND THE CURSING IS AWESOME SO REAL ID LOVE TO YELL THESE STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS ABOUT THESE POOPY HALF BREEDS HALF HUMAN HALF SATAN!

  • Plus What do you guys think of the raid what everyone doesn't seem to understand this is the way that Trump exposes the FBI and the DOJ and BUYDAN Get it? I'd bet my house on this Trump most likely set it all up these ppl are being slowly driven crazy by Trump that's his plan for everyone to see them disintegrate on the TV screen and elsewhere!!

  • None of these things are actually happening Joe Joe BUYDAN isn't spending any money he's not sending any money to Ukraine either there are no bills that were passed it's all part of the wake up movie Do you really think the military and Trump would let them get their hands on any money from the Treasury Trump rolled the Fed into thecTreasury in 2018 or 19 so none of the things you hear or see are not actually happening It's really 3 movies going on at the same time Q has talked about this stuff so many times

  • Love that new half British half German accent it's fabulous dashing!!

  • O irrepressible Snarky Lass,

    O dynamic Deplorable 0ne,

    O my vivacious Patriot Friend, 

    Much Thanks for 0ur  Zingy Home here on McAllister TV ! "You have so kindly delivered to U.S. all ;  unto me, and maya illusion is Now dispelled."


    • HOW BEAUTIFUL WERE YOU AN ENGLISH MAKOR OR ARE YOU A NATURAL POETESS LOVE IT AND WE SURE LOVE LINDA IVE HAD 3 YRS OF BAAHHH BAHAAAA BAHAHAH POOPY PANTS AND SO MUCH MORE I LOVE LINDA MORE AND MORE EACH DAY LOL😂But seriously Linda is one of 2 and she's 1 of the best real down to earth sincere thruther I've found in hours a day for 3 yrs Nobody else compares really The other is Maria Benardis a Greek from Australia living in NYC way ahead of the game w ascension and so many more natural Greek cooking light that heals everything Quantum Etc SHES great you can find her on Rumble

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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