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  • How about Joe Biden? He is either a clone or an actor with a mask. Just saw a video of Biden where he is pulling his lip down past his teeth and it was obvious it was a mask! Creepy!

  • I think all the Khardashians are cloned, specially Klohe .. she doesn't look anything like her former self. No way that is the same person!

  • I believe that Britney Spears will go public about all this and that is the reason for her connection to Trump as of late ..Because of the connections to the DUMBS and human trafficking being taken down by Trump..I believe he has dedicated his life to do that and more..and she may be used as one who will eventually drop this publically to help in awakening the masses...IMO..

    • I do remember Britney coming out and stating " She was sick and tired of them cloning her. There were too many and she hated it." 

  • It would be interesting to hear from a normal person who has a cloned person in their life, and how they deal with that clone. I am starting to think someone I know could be an escaped one. The guy is a total enigma. Super endearing, control freak, your best friend, your worst enemy, bald faced liar, conveniently forgetful, a personal history that seems impossible to cram into this life span... and UFC level martial arts training that he believes he invented on his own. Like, is it best to just play along, and how do these clones react if you say you think they might be a victem of MK Ultra type stuff?

    • Yes..I too have wondered about that..and also, if they have been cloned, or ther wise altered (smart dust, etc)  do they realize it , even..?… I have known someone very close to me for 40 years and don't even recognize who they have become any more..truly remarkable way of living now and nobody would believe me if I told them..

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    • This is why I don't go shopping this time of year !   

      Too many insane shopaholic morons out of the mental homes !

  • I hope our alliance has the capability to close these cloning centers down. I have knowlege of three. I am sure there are probably much, much more. This must stop. Completely unacceptable and horrific. 

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