Clones will be outlawed in the future! Secret cities of clones for reptilian harvesting.  Only 60% of the population are human.

Ted Bundy, 7th bloodline.  Putin white hat.

Future homes will be domes that harvest free energy.  Reptilians and demonics are trapped in dimensions.

Ukraine – the biggest child trafficking hub in the world.

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  • Linda, many thanks for the videos. You're like listening to a good friend who is real with you and funny too. I checked into the YellowRoseForTexas video and thanks to Maggie also for exact  name. Everyone should be watching these videos! I don't want her name coming to light because she would be in danger. What a super lady and her info is from Allied Forces and The One"a blend of light and dark sources! ...They are the ones to thank for saving our very souls. Please watch! Everything she says pertains to looking ahead to the shift and they are meaningful videos. Saw Christian's video where he named all those phony truthers! Love it! I never coukd like charlie ward, guess my discernment was working there! Love to all, have a great day.

  • Hi Linda, The vid with the Roses on it is from YellowRoseForTexas. She has many vids onYou Tube, but they knock her offf every now and then , But she's also on Gab. Stunning info. Glad you found her.



  • Re GINGHAM::

    Gingham is more than just a type of fabric for some countries as it symbolizes something of great importance. In Indonesia, the contrasting color of the gingham fabric a symbol of a battle between good and evil. In Japan, the gingham fabric was used to wrap the statues whenever a child has died.


  • Not that you are going to read this but I have to set the record straight .There is Q and there are ANONS BUT There is no such thing as QANON!

    The lame stream media says QANON so you don't want to sound like the LIBTARDS Linda.

  • May be an image of 2 people

  • Linda ask christian21 who made the moon?


  • These "people " are really freaking sick. None of this would have been so in our faces back in the 70,s. 
    iIm sure it was going on but back then people didn't embrace it as normal   Thank you Linda for all your research. God bless you, Christian, Deenda, Pam,, Truman and all my patriot brothers and sisters. WG1WGA

  • Hi Linda

    Yes indeed, they can not create, that's why they are tricked us into the negative mindset. Language, the victim/perpetrator paradigm, psychology, black magic, word magic propaganda, ideologies,and other modus operandies are all to keep their system going. Also looking at the outside and blame others plays a huge role. We are creating the system for them, bc we have been indocrinated incrementally throughout human history. and they infected our mind with this negativity. The mindset is a parasite. We need to put down our boundaries,learn to say NO! to whatever crazy ordinances the gov. comes up with.including also health related issues. We need to transmute and overcome our fears.  By  not complying with their agendas, wich will always benefit them at our detrements, we will take back our power. Than we can create what we need and want. I know all the truthseekers are tired, and would like to accelerate this process of awekening the normies. Nnobody can force anybody to wake up, if they don't want to. They must be gripped by tremendous fear, of loosing their beliefs which gave them meanings and identity throughout their life. Don't forget these are not ppl, whom like to question things, they just want to do the right thing to get ahead in life whatever the Matrix promisses. Have compassion for them, after all compassion is one of the virtue that is neccesary to assend. Here is a question, would you like to be in their place and end up in another 3D world?  They're wounded terrified, fearful souls, and they might not even know that,  bc they believe in the body as their self.  

    Linda, think about Greta Thunberg, she is in an illuminati family, probably were very abused at an early age, mind controlled, and she is a very unhapy girl. Who knows what she had to go through. As much as we know she might not even be born to her parents. There are a lot of weird things going on with these families. Gender swithcing, a lot of adoptations, and who knows what else. We didn't know anything about Britney Spears what she went through. I have tremendous compassion for these children, bc it was not their fault to born into such families.  Also when they're in these cults, it's very difficult to get out.. I mean, how many ppl, faked their death just to be able to escape?  We are not in their shoes and as far as I'm concerned we are very fortunate and lucky. that we aint in their club- as George Carlin used to say.. 

    Have a beautiful Easter Sunday tomorrow. Relax, listen to the birds, take a nice walk, and do whatever will make you smile, and laugh. The controlers hate that. Not their type of food. 


    • Greta is George Soros's Grandson 😏 Yep, actually a boy and a crisis actor. Bloodline speaks for itself, don't be fooled by youth. 

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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