Christian21 Gold.

5D cities run on positive energy.

Reptilians stole the tech and back-engineered it to demonic/negative energy.

Electromagnetic fields...

The either...

Buildings are conductors... who are the builders?

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  • Linda, Thank you for sharing. You are the real-deal, reliable, dependable, truthful and have integrity.

    I do know some "truthers" are double agents so to speak (I am not talking about Blue or Christian).

    Thank you for the insights you provide on many valuable topics. I also know that the demonic energies have such low frequencies and vibrations that they need to feed off others. Whether that means they feed off symbolism, humans sacrifices, violence, wars, hatred, child rape, adrenochrome, cannibalism, and whatever.

    We have been assaulted with degredation in morals and ethics in ....the food system, the medical and dental systems, government and governmental agencies integrity, and so on. "illegal drugs" should be legalized so humans will not think they are a thrill to do, illegally. Cannabis has a long history of helping humans heal, but the genetic engineering of such has degraded the beneficial healing properties, and uptaked the ability to get high. All of this is not new but has been going on for many centuries.

    I am not religious but I pray for your freedom and safety in all ways. You are a go-getter and intense.      Keep up speaking out and with the light, love, rachel the vegan mentor

  • I stopped watching him on Facebook when I had an argument with someone who told me there is no God that we were created by tiny Aliens. I told them I was created by god in gods image.  Thst night I was screaming in my sleep. The next day I knew that I was attacked by demons I have been on any of his sites since.

  • LINDA ~ I am appreciative of your time, energy and the genuine way you share.  You expemplify this Shakespeare quote: 

    "This above all - To thine own self be true and it must follow, as night follows day, thou canst not then be false to any man." 

    Peace, Love & Light to you and yours.

  • Very interesting.  Explains so much.  Thanks.  Great insights.

  • Sorry Linda, but I got it to work...♥️♥️♥️

  • Hi Linda, I was debating whether to listen to this Video or not. As I said, I'm not impressed with Christian or Blue! I'm not sure what's up with them. I will say this, now I understand why you moved away from them..I tried to watch yr Video but it won't come on??? Love u girl..♥️


  • This is why I fucking  follow you because our minds are the kind that need answers when these riddles or things we see don't for some reason make sense!  Thank you for piecing together this info along with the C21 switcharoo because I saw a shift in him and Blue immediately!  They were off!!!! And I know this is hard because they fell for the bullshit!!!  Listen to me as a very discerning clair cognizant follower....I'm a feeler of energy since the day I was born...I work with energy in a responsible way...I felt this "shift" immediately!!  Those that follow you know you are no fool.  I could tell by the way C21 started speaking down to the audience he had been infiltrated....and blue backed him.  You and I are kindred spirits in the sense we are no bullshit and strait forward.  What you see is what you guesswork.  I saw he changed (c21) then blue to follow which man, was a real bummer.  His comments really shifted and people were being nasty about other people.  I had a few back and forth, but said "fuck it!  I'm out" because it wasn't aligned with what we all knew was somewhat a path in the right direction because there are so many charlatans in this movement just waiting to drop their bricks on the places of solidarity to cause strife and chaos!  

    love you girl!  Thank you for doing this video!  It NEEDED to be done!  And by GOD and Loving Source, the truth is the truth!!!  Whether folks like it or not!!!  It needed to be said!  I felt you would at some point address this!  I will always follow you as you tell the truth, no matter how hard it is!!  We MUST face things for what they are!  TRUTH is the ONLY WAY FORWARD!!!  Keep with fear!  Big hugs, and loads of protection!!  We've got you!!! 💕🙌🏻💕

    • Thank you for sharing. NOT surprising, as both guys were vulnerable, somewhat naive, and succombed (as Linda knew).Bless you for the light you emit and share, namaste', rachel


  • I can't get it to open.

  • I'm really sorry they got ahold of Christian and BlueWater. I love them too. Hopefully they will be back. The grasp of reptoids runs deep. Keep safe my friend and God bless you. 

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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