There are LOTS of questions about Christian 21 coming to me, so I created this podcast...


Because you guys deserve to know what my position is, so that things can move forward!







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  • Hey lLinda, Just to Let you know.....there was a lot of bashing and cattiness about you recently on the BW channel and I made a comment supporting you and basically told them to back off. I also mentioned that we need to carefully discern and I used BW's mantra " Careful who you follow". Well I guess he didn't like what I had said and he muted me. I find that there have been many contradictions in his words. He says he will not tolerate negativity but allows his pets to say disgraceful things about you. I defended you and was immediately muted. I can see very clearly now that there is a problem on the BW channel and I fell for these lonely,insecure sheep that crave attention and stand at attention to his every word. Sorry you had to go through this but you are very talented and you will persevere. I'm still with you and thanks for your explanation. Best wishes. Raine

  • Hi Linda

    You don't have to apologize,  whatever you decided I  assume you've made it bc you've had your reasons. I bet it wasn't  easy. As I watched C21 I had an impression that he has a pure heart, somewhat an innocence of a child and not very streetwise about ppl's hidden intentions. Unfortunately we all went through some backstabbing, abandonment, and betrayal, and we learned from it. Hopefully, we became wiser. Who knows what he needs to learn or experience.  You have put down your boundaries,  good for you. You might hit the nail on the head by saying that he will be discredited. 

    And that's what the system does with everyone who is a threat to them.  On the "tree of knowledge" YouTube channel Sonja L.  has very good information on thebEarth plane and other things related to this realm. You would love her. 

    I have to thank you for introducing Kerry K. The more I listen to her the more I resonate with her messages. I enjoy her style. One of the few with integrity and honesty.  I used to listen to Janine and her crowd,  not anymore. I love Laura and have a very high opinion and respect for her. Unfortunately ppl not making it easy on each others bc still so much ego involved. I always thought that fame and money can bring out the best or the worst in ppl.  I guess that's part of our personal spiritual evolution.  I hope Truman totally recovered from the foot ( toe) injury and keep you in good spirit.  Much love ❤️ and don't worry what ppl think.  In the end of the day you have to face yourself.  Love  and keep true to yourself.  

  • Linda, thanks for the update, but after reading comments from the past couple of days on Bluewater, I got a little agitated especially with "white fawn."  I gave her my thoughts!  I'm very glad you told us this, and if you saw one of my comments about the question "did you have a falling out with Blue and C21, which was awhile ago, I didn't get confirmation then but I have it now.  Thanks again, Linda, for all you do.  Let me just say one more thing.  You are being accused of withholding things you've received that were meant to go to other people.  Guess who those other people are.

  • I understand Linda, I still follow and support both christian and bluewater , I'm glad to see they have more positive people following them , sadly the drama still hangs around them because that small group of people think Christian is a joke and make fun of him. 


  • C21 was just entertainment for me, but your loyal fans have been trying to warn you about Low Vibe blue water for years!

  • I 1000% thank you for making this tidbit because I'm noticing some ass hats on Bluewater's comments talking shit about people and something has "shifted".  I appreciate your honesty.💕

    • 👍

  • We can't unlearn what we learned from you and Christian Linda so that you both.

  • Thanks, Linda ... I, too, like to be exposed to as much information, as possible, and, over time, my considerations are either solidified, ... or,  broken into small pieces for dissemination and put into smaller categories ... or,  I'm sad to say, that when materials need to be discarded, completely ... I realize that the energy invested, has not been a complete waste of time ... I did learn something.  For me staying open and  uncluttered, works.   Linda ... Thanks for all that you do. 

  • Anyone who tells me there is no God and that we were created by small aliens is no one for me to follow. I stopped with blue water when they started bashing God. Now im no longer with Christian.  Im with God and Trump. I will continue with Laura and LindA and FCB.

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