US Military had encounters with Grey Aliens in Vietnam. Containers with human body parts taken on board.

Hillary, leaders, and news anchors shapeshifting - why it can’t be faked?

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  • thank u for all your hard work, i love the way u present your messages. ive been a listener for two yrs now

    1. Jetson whites info alot of it was coming from Yellow Rose for Texas.. She made a video about 3 wks ago called the con in which she disputes his info n calls him out.. I watched him at 1st but I think he is really off base with his latest video with some crazy info about God leaving some of his elect here to be martered etc. Total farce. That was my last video with him. He does pal around with Jaun o Savin who is another con man trying to sell books n ride this out for money. Some of jauns videos r so ridiculous n if this is a movie he's a bad actor. So ridiculous how he revealed himself n then goes back into hiding n he's always in Vegas, a gambler no doubt. Seen a few of them in my days. None of them r ever on respectable podcast either. Kinda weird there. Anyway yellow rose for Texas has got a lot of profound info n much of it is older but I find it very intriguing to say the least. It's so hard because there is so much disinfo out there. Be strong Fellow Patriots n Godspeed to Us All. ♥️
  • Also watch Jetson White channel on you tube about the Rapture Event for 9/3/22 Paart 6 what the bad and the good side have planned. This maybe the event that causes ALMIGHTY GOD to shorten his time coming as the Bible talks about.

  • The first one at the top of the Island is a Serpent snake,look at it closely. 

    Also I saw a video that is about this time travel stuff and it is about TESLA ,Barron maybe TESLA. Also Listen to Carmen Studer channel on you tube with Jessie Czrbotar the video is called Tale of Two Kingdoms. She is a SRA survivor and has very vast knowledge of lots of things. GOD is using her to expose this darkness in these last days.

  • Hi all,

        You may find this YouTube channel of interest. It features a LOT of stuff on UFOs:

    Name of YouTube channel:  Eyes On Cinema @RealEOC #uap #ufo

    Here's a (RECENT) VERY interesting & informative video from there:
    Pres. Eisenhower was informed on the extraterrestrial presence, says fmr. Legislator Henry W McElroy

      Enjoy!  :-)

    Eyes On Cinema @RealEOC #uap #ufo
    Eyes On Cinema brings you to the sets, suites and interview halls of some of the most influential filmmakers — their crafts, philosophies and inspira…
  •    "Cherish those who seek the truth 

       But beware of those who find it."


  • I think that the white hats are doing what the black hats had planned to wake up those who are not brain dead.

    • Yup. We're getting it from both sides. It sucks being looked at as one entity when I think so differently from my sleepy human family. But they are wise and I'm confident they know what they're doing. "Trust the Plan". I'd be insane by now if it weren't for Q.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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