Christian21 interview is out!

So many things to talk about like: Our reptilian world, the reptilian construct, flat earth top, round earth bottom.

The reptilian firmament, Gateway 10. Grey alien universe, prison planet.

When they came… Why they came?

What they did... Where they did it… lesson 1A.

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  • I invite Linda to engage me in a Bible discussion  why dies she engage others but not Bible people  seems fishy!

  • The firmament was put there by Yaweh God the Father and can be documented  in Genisis in the Bible in the old Testament to hold all beings in until it all plays out until Judegement Day...did you all read Gods? letter to you the your  guidebook to navigate  good and evil 1 third of the beings left in the 1st  earth  age with Satan to corrupt as many as they can before the end read the Bible a child  could understand it !

  • Please take this as a comment, not a criticism. I love your show. I wish I could understand Christian 21- but barely a word of what he's saying is comprehendable, with his accent.  On top of that, his audio is tin can quality. Happy New Year!

    • on Bluewater's channel he translates what Christian 21 said. The title is Christian 21in description. The picture he chose for his videp is Hillary and a Reptile. The video is a few minutes long. But what I am trying to say is it is not the video where he reveals what Christian 21 said but what Bluewater writes in the description and other peoples comments.

  • Sorry your gift arrived late. It was supposed to arrive on the 22'd, but was held at customs for a week. Is it

    still OK?

  • Check out Gosia from Cosmic Agency on you tube..She has a lot of info too which is original..she got it from the taygetans and swarruuians..

  • "Heaven Cannot Brook Two Suns,
    Nor The Earth Two Masters."
    Alexander the Great

  • ...a bit contralto Linda J., I'd favor subtitling the Quintessentially Christian 21 bloke ; to revere His reasoning in American palaver!
    Alright 🕉 Then!...

  • Quickening Lift 0ff!

    O Deplorable Pole Star,

    O Smoky,  Blazing,  Steaming Snarky Swan,

    Appears Our Mata 🌎 Earth is at once dawning the Hub & in the 0ut skirts of the entire Universe 🤔?!?

     "Every Light Is Not The 🌞 sun." Alexander the Great 



  • What happened to Sarge? You used to do video's with him all the time. Love you!

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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