New Intel from Christian21. There are new gateways, celestial chambers.

There’s a lot of talk about the solar flare again…brain activation. The unvaxed will be activated? You decide

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  • Grace Slick with that monotinous hypnotic tone could have been spell casting.

    I remember hearing it in the 60s and thinking it interesting but never played that music around myself.

  • Jesus had a son Judah who died young. He was in Jesus family tomb as a child. Jesus had a daughter Sarah. So jesus has a bloodline.

  • Oh my god Linda I love you.  Your messages are always great buy man you make me laugh so much.


  • Hi Linda, Could you PLEASE post Christian21 comments and information?  A lot of us keep his comments and information and we cannot get any of it from your videos.  If you could post them under your videos it would be great!!  Or maybe just post on your site for members.


    Thank you SO much!



  • Jesus has a daughter.  Death is a lie.

  • Hi Linda and All.

    I have been following you since the tribulation began on 23 Sep 2017 (REV 12 "The WOMAN" Jupiter Ejected from Virgo).  I am an ascended master.  Watch this.  I forgive all imperfections.  No apologies necessary from a woman's hurt feelings.  I hurt woman's feelings Linda.  I am not Thomas (the nice MAGA scardey cat).  I am a retired US Army 0-6 from the world of Flynn and QAnon intelligence and the ARMY of NORTHERN VIRGINIA.  USSOCOM managed the Rings of Atlantis -  the WAR on Terror.  You are the terrorist. You spread your legs at the airport and  give up your lipstick with your nail clipper.  TSA has your wanted picture.  Bush drove us thru IEDs and PETE SCHOOMAKER helped.  Holy shit Linda.They hypntized everyone.  You are an ACTIVE TRUMP ZOMBIE in DEEP DENIAL.  Cyrus Coin ignorant?  You can be transmuted.  Dont brusah with Fluoride red.  Are you in Florida? De Santis likes clinics and Rabbis.  love/Billy.

    The bottom line is that: 1. You are God; having Chosen to Break out of Hell (yet 2nd person ego lost) 2. You vote. You think. Therefore you don't kno…
  • If you believe the Bible Jesus was born beginning of April. I believe April 7th. The Bible said Jesus was the Lamb of God. Lambing season is end of March beginning of April only.

    • Thank you for sharing this. Good point. I had heard September but it never made much sense. Yours makes perfect sense and this God event would have to be perfect!

    • Thank you. It made sense to me too. We do know he wasn't born dec. 25th. That's Appo;;o the Sun God's birthday.I know Jesus exists because he came to me and saaved my life. They found his family's tomb.

  • No more problems watching from your site!  Yeah!

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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