Negatives and positives using looking glass.

The Trump family (i.e.: Tesla and Assange etc.)... are knows as "The Time Travel Family"

We will become closer to Trump and family in 5D.  The kindness of 5D will blow your mind.

First time this has been done in our galaxy.... people in house arrests.... the most "public" people, they will be the ones to be publicly disgraced through live trials and executions.

New vessels are waiting for people who die from the vax.

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  • A Little True Story I Wrote:

    Nation Rider
    He should have known from the start that it was going to be a bad week. His Bolivian boss already had networks set up in Atlanta, Detroit, and Nashville.
    Jason had already delivered two hundred kilos of product to the clients in the past four months.
    It’s not work if you love what you do, but one has to also keep in mind that what you do is who you are.
    If you consider this to be work: driving alone for at least 12 hours without stopping to sleep, checking into a hotel, going to malls for new stuff, then bars and clubs, restaurants, endless supplies of cash, drugs, and having someone to handle any emergency on call.
    This would continue all weekend until he felt like leaving. He would take the round-trip merchandise, quarter million dollars in small bills. It was placed in the same stash spot for the coke.
    The weekly loads were ten to fifteen kilos, nice and easy. He was only a driver at this point, but he still earned ten thousand dollars of untaxed cash per week, plus basic expenses. He did this for years at a time.
    A contract could guarantee at least a year’s work, or whenever someone would get busted in the organization.
    The whole network could end if the coordinators on either side of suppliers or buyers were to get caught.
    Even worse is if they get caught and help the cops to get you and all your employees.
    Street rules dictate that if you get caught doing something illegal that you chose to do, then you shut your mouth and do your time.
    You cannot be a “snitch”, or use other people as targets to get yourself a better legal deal.
    When it comes to big business, trust is essential and normally a charge would be contained and stopped at its inception because it is organized.
    Once in a while, the more unexperienced, or those lacking loyalty may turn on their suppliers. At that level you are talking about someone turning state’s evidence against a very big and dangerous organization.
    They have the resources to do just about anything they want, so it would be suicide to turn against them.
    Luckily, he never got caught doing anything big, but he got snitched on a couple of times and he sure had some close calls. Business was good.
    Since he was the field specialist, he was on the front lines. He was the only buffer between him and his boss, El Capo, or captain of the distribution network. He was a professional driver, but more importantly, he was a chameleon and a natural born liar.
    He could pass any preliminary profile screening: he seemed innocent. No tattoos, piercings, loud demeanor, or anything that would stand out. It helped him to stay under the radar throughout the years.
    He was observant and quiet, but his CPU never turned off. The board never convened. Of course, his bosses couldn’t have known this at the beginning.
    They were all lucky to have met each other and started working together. Jason made sure the shipments reached their destinations.
    He never lost one load out of an estimated 250 shipments, totaling two point-five metric tons of product, or the bags of cash taken back home. It was perfect.
    He was trustworthy and loyal at a level that surpasses most people. He was trusted with a million dollars cash per month and the same in product.
    Was he ever tempted to take any of it? Of course not, that would not end in a good hair day.
    He never stole from or cheated anyone, and his street credit proved it. How many people can you trust with a million in tax-free cash, not once, but repeatedly?
    People do not understand the importance of being honest, loyal, and to be a man of your word.
    On the streets, and in the underground, your word defines your worth as a man, and defaulting on debts or being shady follows you like a bad credit report. Being shady will kill you faster than a bullet.
    His first contract in Tennessee ended after eighteen months when the client got arrested. The soft-spoken client did what he was supposed to do and stayed quiet. He still owed around fifteen thousand dollars, but Jason was still relieved because he would have been the first one arrested.
    As Stan and Jason drove down the highway, Jason was still angry with Stan because of the switch. Stan was supposed to drive through Texas because Jason’s Texas driver’s license was suspended.
    They had just started driving and two hours later Stan became sleepy and wanted to stop. They were driving the client’s car, complete with out of state plates and a professional “clavo”, or stash spot. The load was only six kilos because that was all the hydraulic stash spot could hold.
    They had to saw through a brick with a butcher knife to load them in the car, and Bobby later recovered over four grams that fell on the carpet. In Jason’s world nothing goes to waste.
    Stan was a lifelong friend that Jason had always trusted on a macro level. Not only was he trustworthy, but he was also used to carry cash on the return trip.
    Since he was given a settlement for a freak accident involving his mother, he had the paperwork that would legally cover a few hundred thousand dollars.
    In other words: reasonable doubt. It was basically an open- ended receipt for monies that had questionable origin, so you could keep the money if a cop were to find it. The police call money over ten thousand dollars with no “receipt”: money laundering.
    At that point, you have to prove that it is legal, not them having to prove that it is illegal. Money laundering is a serious charge that assigns federal prison time.
    In that business, one has to consider all the possibilities and remedies for anything that could happen.
    A couple of hours after Jason took the wheel they were suddenly followed by a Game Warden.
    After an hour the Game Warden was still following close behind, and as soon as a DPS trooper passed going the opposite way, he did a U-turn.
    The Game Warden finally passed them as the trooper fell into position behind Stan and Jason. This was no coincidence that the heat was on.
    Since the car was loaded down with ten kilos of Colombian bam-bam, this was a hard pill to swallow. All his training led to this day. The trooper lit them up, he wanted them to pull over.
    As they were pulling over, Jason was still cursing Stan for not driving his shift through Texas.
    Jason was probably going to jail for at least a suspended license, and it had the potential to become a full-blown nightmare.
    The trooper walked cautiously to the driver’s side and asked Jason for his license and insurance. First, you must have your stories straight.
    Any inconsistencies in stories will guarantee a more thorough search of your vehicle. In this case, they were headed to a funeral in the same city where they were going.
    They had funeral flyers made, and the whole nine yards. Logistics was Jason’s specialty, he loved organizing trips.
    “How are you doing” asked the trooper. “Good, officer” replied Jason.
    “May I see your license and insurance” asked the officer.
    “Sir, I’m sorry but my license is suspended”, Jason came clean.
    “Step out of the car”, said the trooper.
    As he stepped out and went to the back of the car with the trooper, he was thinking of all the possible outcomes. He explained that his friend got sleepy, so he had to drive with his license suspended.
    The trooper then asked if there was anything in the car he should know about: drugs, weapons, or Jimmy Hoffa.
    Jason gave him points for originality. As Jason was about to let him search, (without probable cause) a car stopped on the side of the road in front of Jason’s car.
    An angry black woman got out of her car and walked rapidly towards the trooper and Jason. She was screaming and yelling, saying that this was a speed trap and that police “profile” black and Hispanic drivers in the area.
    The trooper told her several times to get back in her car, but she ignored him. She wanted to give Jason a lawyer’s card. She said she worked for the NAACP, and that they would help him.
    The trooper finally pulled his gun on the woman, and she turned around and left. Now Jason was totally confused. It was as if he wasn’t there anymore. He left his body and took off for a minute to never-never land.
    He managed to say: “you can’t please everybody”, and the trooper asked if he knew her. Jason told him no, and the trooper seemed very confused.
    Whatever just happened, it worked well enough to distract the trooper. He told Jason to get in the passenger side and to leave. Jason told Stan to drive, and they made it all the way to Nashville to drop off the last load.

    No photo description available.

  • Regarding the timing of the Event: as many Lightworkers have realised by now, you should not become dependent on the Event at all. As mentioned on this blog before, if the Lightforces are still able to create more stability for the shift of the ages, the Event will not fire. In turn, if it did not fire yet, that means Earth and the shift into the new age of Aquarius is still getting more stable overall. While this is of course hard to swallow for those who invested a lot into Liberation, as they would be rewarded most, more stability is of course better for the majority of humanity (the good ones among them are meant here).
    There are fixed deadlines for several operations though, but these are rather related to compression breakthrough than to the Event. Though most of what people got to know of the Event will unconditionally happen shortly after compression breakthrough anyway. What is still unknown is if the solar-flash-part of the Event will be fired or not - this is in the hands of the most high Lightforces overseeing the Liberation-process and will remain unknown. The solar-flash-part of the Event is rather to be seen as an emergency-trigger, if certain vital operations, necessary for compression breakthrough, would fail. And even the solar flash would not solve all the problems on Earth over night, it should be obvious that there are no switch-like solutions for Liberation. Rather, the solar flash would in turn create new problems which cannot really be solved convincingly by the Lightforces yet. You can imagine the solar-flash firing right now would be equivalent to nearly the whole human infrastructure and more collapsing over night - the Lightforces cannot yet stabilize the life of almost 8 billion humans as they are living right now. What we already currently experience is pretty much a linear version of the Event in progress as the energies (also solar ones) are constantly and slowly rising. It is just the changes over night that are improbable. This linear version also does not influence the infusal of love and light after compression breakthrough, which will certainly happen as things will be stabilized enough then. So people should not be really let down by the solar flash not firing, as it mainly serves their very own stability. However ascendants can actually be equipped with a sort of mini-Event, which channels the clearing energies of the galactic Central Sun, if they rise high enough in their ascension. It is the embodiment of the Central Sun herself honouring your role in Liberation. This clearing energy will by now mainly support the establishment of the 'Islands of Light' and it will not be used globally but rather selectively for certain locations and supportively for certain people and areas.

    All of that means that Lightworkers should stay stable as much as they can in the world they got to know before they even heard of the Event. Most of the human sphere and society will stay the same as it was until we finally reach compression breakthrough. It was always this horrible on Earth and it will approximately stay that way until breakthrough. As said many times, we are still quite a lot below the threshold the chimera holds to keep the veil and their illusions stable. However, the more active you participate in the Liberation, the more you will be empowered to selectively rise above the veil individually even before compression breakthrough. This will not yet make things easier regarding your life yet, but you will of course be served earlier, depending on your height in ascension as soon as the Lightforces can actually reach through to the surface

  • My question remains as BW has blocked me for unknown reasons and you don't allow comments on the bitch ute. WHAT does 10 days of DARKNESS MEAN? NO power? No internet? Both? Reason I ask is no one has said and many of us aren't living where it's warm. I have total sleepers around me and I care about them. I need to be prepared for myself and them. Only have so many resources so I want to know just how should I spend them wisely. C21 hasn't said that I have heard so far. Is there a link explaining that? I watch all your current vids on the bitch....

    • I got blocked by BW for making a joke about my wife (whick ironically my wife will laugh at and agree to) like I'm some sort of misogynist. And when every second upload by Bluewater is hypocritically displaying women as sexual objects. Go figure.

      Whover this Bluewater character is, they can go Eff themselves

    • If you aren't 100% positive BW blocked you from commenting, it may have been the platform.  That happened to me and many others.  I don't want to upset anyone, as I'm simply giving people an alternative explanation. 


    • No internet no tv.  Cabal will not want us to know their evil deeds. This is when our military acts as one world wide unit    blackout arrests rv all go together

    • Good deal at least I can stop spending $$ on no power scenario. Something that also is confusing is preparing financially. I only been on this whole rabbit hole bit since Trump lost in 2020. Of ocurse I found the shills first in my listening. I didn't give them money but, I did buy silver as a financial "investment". Was that even worth the $1000 I spent? Money was never important to me but I am 62 and hedging towards "retirement" with 0 assets.

  • Check out my weather control channel, please Linda. Joe Orgone Bubbles

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