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  • hello Deplorable Linda PARIS,(I have on my dunce hat).This is 'Thomas'/call me Tom,we're  buddies.So Sorry I missed wrote name on check,PLEASE,don't  bother re mailing just shred it.Replacement in mail.I am old gray haired geezer-baby boomer my error.My honey +I love your work.Ginny +Tom,with our 👀 eyes on the skies Mohave Desert NV USA,between Area 51 &Roswell NM.God bless,you +all the awake ppl.Spiritual war is real

  • Wow, Linda ! It took me a while to watch the whole video. Loved it. I love the old newspaper articles where details are revealed. I can't imagine living in one of those disgusting castles. Linking one of Hil's abandoned shoes at the World Trade Center to Tom Hanks' MO online was good! Agree with cover story idea about, really excited about the Healthy happy Human channel!
    Your efforts are appreciated!

  • O Empirical Snarky Seer 0f The Truth Shree Linda 🕉  ✔️ Well Done 👏 Well Done! As 🎬 Always!

  • Hi Linda, Re the shoes being left at disaster areas etc. Check out Ole Dammegarde at Light on Conspiracies. He says there are always shoes left that are usually magenta or maroon in colour at all the false flag events , and hidden messages that point to where the next one is going to be. He has been spot on numerous times.

    thanks for your very interesting show.



  • Thank You,  Linda ...

  • Linda don't count on our military too much. I heard a girl talking about being SRA'd to be a sex slave to a high ranking military guy called The Snake. She was trained also to cut the fingers and toes of the sacrificed child into pieces to serve the cult members and drain the blood of the child to serve in silver chalices. We have some real sickos in high positions in our Military. I'm sending them all the Love of Christ Jesus to enlighten them because they're so sub-human. Also they could have a high concentration of reptilian DNA in their filthy bodies..

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