These bastards gave me an infraction over yesterday’s video on Rumble.


They don’t care about Franklin Graham or Voodoo Donuts. That’s not it. It’s all about something that I will tell you in this episode.

I don’t want to start the episode with this feeling but they sure got to that part of me.

Oh boy, you should dig in and find out what an asshole they are.

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  • i once liked rumor mill news more on gitmo hangings week

    Alternative News and Views, Reported by Agents Around the World, 24 hours a day
  • When men pretend to be women is shows a complete lack of respect for their authentic self.  And if you can't respect yourself you can't respect anyone or anything in this World.

  • You are not the only one who got an infraction. Apparently a lot of our followers did too. Linda I want to share someone who has been here awhile that I consider as good as X22's presentations, who is a supporter of our Alphbet man. He has been there from a Christian perspective. LT is his name. They had a conference in Broken Bow with Lin wood and Mike Slidell. Don't know if you are aware of it. Called Freedom and Health conference. Here is LT's video of it:

    4.18.21: Lin Wood brings DOWN the HOUSE with AMAZING TRUTH! DO NOT FEAR! Pray!
  • Hi Linda and Truman,

    Love your work, bummer about rumble, I always had some much trouble getting to your account with them.

    I just go straight to your website now.

    Love the videos you do with Sarge and Gene.

    I'm from down under, Melbourne Australia, It was a very difficult year last year, months of lockdown and all the sheeple who blindly followed the directives of dictator dan (our socialist premier in the state of Victoria.

    We can actually work into stores now without a mask, so nice to be able to see people smile again.

    Hope they don't put it all back with winter coming on here.

    Blessings from 


  • Little precious Truman and the final video just melted my heart.  Such a grand ending to so much enlightenment that is hard to comprehend.

  • Lastly Linda, we should do a phot shoot of all of the US President's oh man...our past Presidents must have went through alot of vodka drnking some of them ...lastly check out what is on the PRC tests, they are implanting the mark of the beast...that is why they want multple tests...check out Cosmic Agency...apparently they stole two PRC Test kits and what they found...these chips are the size of a gran of salt and they are sticking them in your blood barrier of the brain...something to this...ITS THE TEST KITS ARE THE MARK OF THE BEAST

  • Its all about the Khazar's Snarky Girl....just check out ole Andrew Weishaup and his plah for two hundred years...infiltration with the League of Nations morphed into the UN...complete take over of Free Masonary completely...and my research more and more keeps leading to Tartaria ....there isa huge story here with these star forts and why does every religious building around the world have the antennas and Torus's on the top...this was the free is being stated that Tesla was a canard, and he was just a cover for the secrets of Tartaria....look here at what Eistein and his theory of Idoltary oh man it all starts coming together...the parasites took over at the last mass world calamites in the early 1800s, change the starts looking like the Tribulation happened in The Dark Ages, not something up and I am glad I asked the Big Guy for forgiveness for my with bull legged women and so on...getting right wth the man, I call itll...much love Linda and the Truminator from your big fan up here in Penetentary of Canada....

  • Hey Linda, go back to the early 1900 and you as a first class researcher will discover the Rottenchild Family connection between James of Comet Ping will have the ammo to fgure out he was named one of the top 50 powerful people in DC...WTF...a pizza parlor owner....he is part of the bloodline....we need o dig deeper and wake everyone up to the entire Khazar conspiracy...this is where everything comes way to find sympathy for your group and protection...torture and kill alot of your group, gain the worldwide sympathy crowd...set up some gatekeepers...ADL..SPLC...and the Khazarian Mafia plan of world domination comes into careful girl...Truman is mighty but he can't stop an iice dart...much love from your friend in Canada

  • Linda, check out the skincare, cosmetic line of Soap & Glory.  We have an event every Dec. called Pink Sunday.  On one of the graphics to the line is a woman with the OK sign looking through it with the one eye.  Soap & Glory is from the UK.  A Nationwide drug store chain is part owner now and sold in their stores here in the US.  The OK graphic has been pulled for some reason.  Cheers!!


  • Trump should have built a wall along Canadian border, too!  I never liked Rumble. I'm not a content creator but it's just a lousy app.  (I'm a retired Software Engineer of 32 years).  I just deleted their app because it was so poorly written.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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