Ch21 Gold montage.

Queen's funeral a white hat operation.

Demonic energy turns to black dust without a vessel.

Ab Lincoln has been alive this whole time.

Greys are synthetic clones.  Reptilian eggs are under Balmoral Castle.  Omnicron reptilians rule over Dracos.

Reptilians can create magnetic fields that will enter human bodies through the skin.  Reptilians created serial killers and judges and prosecutors make sure they are allowed back into society.


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  • This typically eccentric Brit, a Northerner by accent (Mancunian, perhaps? Sheffield, or Newcastle? Possibly an Eastender...ugh), he speaks traditionally rotten marble mouth, barely perceptible English - I wouldn't mind slapping him rather brusquely, in fact, because he talks too much trash, and a lot of bollix. Where do you find these nutters, Linda? Plus, he's typically rude, intyerrupting constantly! How'd you stand it???

    I know you like entertaining, controversial guests, but this guy is QUACKERS!! 

  • Hi Linda, I writing you from Canada and I know for a fact that these people who work with CPS here have to take anti depressants if they want to work there...they get a choice between 2 different ones.  That's why they have no compassion, they are drugged up under the pretence that you will see disturbing things in this line of work and we can't have you caring too much.  It's a very sick system. 

  • I have heard that we all time travel into the future where the earth has been destroyed cleansed and rebuilt.we keep seeing this video of the back to the future .

  • Linda, how frustrating for the streaming to get broken up! Question: will there be reitterating of the messages Christian was conveying? What was he saying about Trump? 


    Christian21 was right!!! Saucer takes out nuke missile N ot A S pace Agency fired on eclipse day start about 35 minutes in you can see UFO firing at the missile crazy🤯🤨

    Restored Republic GCR, Real News, Cabal exposed, White Hats, WW3 news & more. Your support is greatly appreciated!
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  • Black eyed babies are first generation Gray's

    Heard a lady doctor who sounded like Dr.Mycovitch say it on we the people news on rumble. With your research on the Gray's it rings true with me.



    4 long black smoke (dust) streeks fly across the clouds during eclipse day. And a gal put a welding helmet over camera and the sun was pulsing!!! There is 1 clip with 1 smoke streek close up it looked like a dragon wing???

  • Thank You,  Linda ... If you ever need transcripts of your video's with Christian ...Let me know,  I've transcribed them all.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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