You are on Beyond the Headlines with my friend Thomas.

We take you to the roots of Scientology. This group has been made popular because of actress Leah Remini - and of course very popular actors Tom Cruise and Danny Masterson.

This cult has occult roots… more than perhaps what people know about this group, digging more into its roots uncover many links to the people dumbtards look up to.

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  • It was the Faull Brothers, Justin and Wesley Faull and their film company, Fourth Watch Films, who did the story of Babylon Working and HRC being born the moonchild, when her mother was impregnated during this ritual that was to create an anti-Christ, via the whole of Babylon, whom was conjured up during the working. Hilarion was to be the child's name. Where most people think the antichrist is a man, there are many antichrists and the worst (aside from the end times Anti-Christ) are the demonically charged and ritually abused inutero girls born of Satanic Black majick. I fully guarantee watching this documentary style, found footage style presentation by the Faull Brothers called Higher Entities will change everything you think you know about Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard and even other disciples of Alustair Crowley and it will change your opinion on what you think aliens are too. It streams for an affordable price on and can also be found on Bitshute. The low cost of streaming is worth it. SkyWatch News, Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli also discuss this and give it thumbs up, as I do. 


    God bless!

  • Swabb is one sick mfer.  Really good show, the men that joined were very knowledgeable.  These scum bags are filled with demons.  GOD help anyone who would willingly join with these perves.  I would rather be penniless.

  • Thomas, just placed my hand on the screen as you talked, asked Jesus to protect you for a successful surgery ,keep you calm without fear, and your recuperation at home without much discomfort. I began praying for you, Linda, Sarge, Dilora as there is alot of shady misguided people on channels who have gained alot of followers in card reading dependence for political insights, also Esoteric channel, she claims her bloodline is from the British Royal family from her illegitamte granfather  now with a audience is reading unheard of hidden books of the bible, devoted India mysticism, watces real hosewives reality Tv to relax, who is Very Angry that so many viewers are repulsed by her saying Jesus was just a man, married Mary Magdalene had children,Judas was Jesus Twin brother the Hilton family are good people,Paris Hilton is very close to Trump, the Kennedys are the bloodline of Jesus children and her promotion of THE JESUS STRAND, She immaturely is VERY MAD at PEOPLE WHO ARE REPLUSED, she forgets she put herself on a public channel and expects viewers to not respond alog with these others the British numbers Mormon guy who recently began wearing color Bandanas neckachefs decoding with Gematria, claiming Trump is God, the 2nd coming and best friends with a guy who sounds like JFK jr a expert on numbers-Gematria and, many believe he is JFK in a latex mask.Then there is another friend the canadian card reader who recently opened her show mispronuncing McAllister TV, said she watches but fluffed Linda off diminishing her body of work, saying Linda has a Potty mouth.which isn't true...this card reader who once did scandal sheet redings about celebrities, the royals, disliked Pres. Trump, lose weight, had a makeover and is now a beloved political insight with er card readings now does shows to promote her esoteric new age ideals of GODDESS-Divine Feminine  did a show on UNICORNS, FAIRIES ARE REAL, TREES TALK TO US..THIS is Pan occult heresy, she said once she is a White Witch and its all good. I agree with her that organized religions are all corrupt. I  just don't like the way she dismissed Linda's education and great body of work in a subtle manner. So protect yourself with prayer, as the atmospehre on the internet is getting toxic in a subte manner.  use to enjoy these channels but they have begun to push thier opinions and ideals now that they have a successful following, its then I I began to slowly question and finally unsubbed.   Take care Thomas while in hospital, wishing  you a quick recovery.

    • I am nor sure about Negative 48 and the Gang and about what they are saying but Janine actaully does like McAllsiter and she didn't mean that in a mean way and in another show she said McAllister was brilliant and so was Sarge .I am not into divination stuff either  but as far as Janine goes she does help alot of people stay calm during this difficult time and I do belive she has good intentions.

    • I agree with you about Janine. None of her readings have been be accurate and her show with Sean-Claude is pretty much an infomercial.  I saw that Unicorn show she did with her sidekick Ashley who wears huge fake eyelashes and chirps "right? right? right? right? as her only contribution.  When she said Linda has a potty-mouth I thought she was being a big fucking bitch-ass phony. And Esoteric Atlanta is an anxiety-ridden mess.
  • Wow what a great show, both you and Linda always honestly questioning, sincere and truthful plus call ins from these informed guys....Creepy dangerous evil elderly founder of the WORLD ECONOMIC CONFERENCE AT HDQTRS DAVOS SWITZERLAND NWO Klaus Schwab is a mega Billionaire who states humans are to become physical,digital,biological beings, implanted, vacinated beings.COMPLETION DATE 2030, WE WILL OWN NOTHING, BE PROVIDED FOR, WORK AT OUR JOBS AND BE HAPPY..a tracked surveillance society of content YOUNG enlightened beings .


  • Claus Shwab look SO much like the one NZ being the German boss in Norway when they invaded us in April 1940. I don`t remember what his name was back then but they are so much alike, but he will then be about 135 years old.-And he growls like a pro,(when he talked about they would deal with the survivers...), earlier this year or maybe 2020.

  • Regarding Catholicism, you may be right ., IF, the Bible as written is not the Word. The sacraments were given by Christ to the Church as a source of Grace. His suffering and death was a complete defeat for Satan. Thats why Satan has attacked the Church from within and without. The priest (there are thousands of good and holy ones) stands in for Christ. Persona Christi. The devil and his minions hate good and holy priests and all of humanity.

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