World War 2 was brutal. A lot of people died. Was it an adrenochrome harvest?

Shocking? Here’s more…

Where do you live? Check your location. Are you located on the 33rd Parallel?

Prepare yourself. Your head will spin on the shocking facts you didn't know about the 33rd Parallel!

This is our exciting episode of Beyond the Headlines with my friend Thomas.

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  • Hi Linda and Thomas. Rose at  YellowRoseForTexas   posted a great article on draco and vampyres etc  on gab yesterday. Lots of pictures and history from ancient times of those type of creatures living amomg us. Very interesting.

  • Linda there is someone I would encourage you to do interview. Her name is Elena Danaan. Trust disclosure and her book, A Gift From the Stars, and her YouTube channel. Her in-depth information about these and other races is stunning. You will love her. 

  • I'm glad you got with Sean Malone.  Between you two, the story is coming out.  

  • My nephews spotted UN tanks being transported on 707 in Murrells Inlet SC late this morning.

  • These people wouldn't be banned from Youtube and censored if this stuff wasn't true.  The "powers that were" can't stop the truth from being revealed to humanity.



    Nazca Lines | The Orion Lines | United States
    The Orion Lines. Ryushin Malone has solved The Nazca Lines and renamed them The Orion Lines. Extraterrestrials, EBE, Aliens, ETV, UFO, UAP
  • Great show. I was aware of the Orion lines website. Very interesting. Answered alot of questions for me as well. Certainly make sense. I have done extensive research also. I have info from years ago on the ZETA-reticuli and they are the tall 8' greys. They are highly inteligent, very cruel, not good on any level. Our alliance military--special forces were taking them out underground during Trumps administration. One Marine stated over 250,000 were permantely removed. The Zeta's, part of the dark fleet were working with the reptilians. I know last year-2020-beings of light working with us and other benevelant forces took out their large dark fleet in space. Looking forward to your next show. God Bless.


  • San Diego .

    33rd parallel cafe.



  • Glad I tuned into this, a real eye opener.

  • Hi Linda

    Wow and to think that Ground Zero is in Phoenix Arizona


    We are taking back all their Numbers and Symbolism 

    Beating them at their own game!


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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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