We will talk about more and more celebrity weirdness, scary drones, blood-starved vampires and "unrecognizable" replacements.

Also, are some of your chakra portals blocked?  Look at the Blocked Chakra Chart.

The Haddon Hall mystery room was locked and bolted for years... until 1 woman spent the night and told a harrowing tale.


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  • The nutri system commercial with Marie is no longer her

  • Hi Linda👋 there are A LOT of organic portals (NPCs) these things do not have all their chakras.  They only have the 1st 3. I think it's up to 80% of the entire population (my opinion). This all changes at the time of the sky event (in my opinion). But for now I am with you ALL THE WAY. I avoid people, basically all of them. I so appreciate your work. Thx🖖✌️

    There are a few great videos on Esoteric Atlanta on YouTube about the organic portals. Fascinating stuff.

  • Have you heard from Agent Margaritaville? 
    He has been on my mind. What is wrong with Truman's paw? Is it topical?  I make a formula that has treated everything except shingles. If you want to, email me at [email protected]. I can tell you what is in it and if the vet okays it I can mail you some.  
    it even healed a diabetic ulcer on a persons heel. 
    God bless you and buckle up for 2024. 

  • Awhile back you said that Christian was surrounded by dark sychophants.  Did you know C21 is a fraud?  Blue is also a fraud.  Everything points to a long con that is blowing up now.

  • Linda, check out the book of Enoch,the gospel of the beloved companion the complete gospel of Mary Magdalene,I found the gospel of Mary Magdalene to be the most important gospel ever written, I've been baptized in the Holy Spirit since 1981!!! Linda I have follow your snark since before the great lockdown Hoax, the 5th dimension is Heaven,that is your heavenly Father's kingdom, no one gets to the Father except through His Son Jesus our Christ!!!!!!

  • Cocham pronounced Cock em, I enjoyed a wonderful week in Cocham apartment window looked straight on to the castle, and beautiful vinyards, didn't reaalise it was evil.

  • 😻merry Christmas Linda!

  • Heather! If its her she looks homeless poor thing.Actually most homeless people can get their hands on clothes that aren't ripped up.

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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