The Crystal Skulls - you might have heard about this in Indiana Jones… again, it’s from Hollywood…

… and Hollywood tells the truth - in a way that you can never tell.

And the crystal skull tells us a lot about technology - in spite of the fact that this was “discovered” way earlier than our time!

You wouldn’t believe - even this skull tells us everything is connected.

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  • I have just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, do you think the CDB oils would help me, please e-mail me  at [email protected]  thank you, great show also.

  • Trumps personality does not fit him coming frm another planet he's too ruff and tumble to be ascended like we talk about his brilliance is his mind But his soul ascended? I don't think he's that advanced when it comes to soul work like the ETs but anything is possible

  • Yes they maybe part of the family but Trump could be 7 th cousins to Clinton it's not about the families with Yrump HES a different animal


  • When the militaries asked Trump to run to save the country they begged him for 2 Wks and he finally said yes this is the militaries of the world

  • We have already started the Quantum Financial system It was started last wk and yes the Fed is already gone Now it's just the Treasury

  • I believe Trump is a figurhead and was chosen by the whitehats to 'FILL' this spot/mission because....First, he could fund his own campaign , he was NOT a pedophile, he was an insider that KNEW how they(deep state) operated, and it's said he was begged to take the job and refused for two weeks...ALSO, TRUMP has heart connected to source and a real love for America and it's people.   I don't believe he has super human abilities.   He was/is a narcissist but that is what kept him from cowering and fadeing into the sunset. They (deep state ) will never stop villiving him because he is a true threat. People are beginning to see that he told the truth!    I was born on his birthday,  I feel I know how he ticks.  We have minds than cann see through the bullshit and  penetrate the secrets of the universe but also easy offended and do not make good enemies.  I'm working on that..hahaha

  • Myan's disappeared because they were harvested?

  • LOVE THE INTRO MUSIC....where to find that kind of music?

  • Hi Linda and Thomas, It would be good if those skulls could come to Australia and heal the two major ley lines that cross Australia, one latitude and one longitude that cross at Merilinga in South Australia.This is where the British tested their nuclear bombs. They are the old aboriginal song lines.I have the feeling it was not only to test atomic weapons , but to subvert and destroy the strength of the aboriginal people and also the rest of the population in general.The people who lived around there were not told, so therefore suffered horrendous radiation poisoning, as well as all the army etc that were there at the time. It is still radioactive even today.Needs healing.


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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