The beloved Betty White passed away. Little do people know what she is.

Betty White = “Snow White” high priestess and spawn of Aleister Crowley!

We also dig into the Dulce Papers. What is it?!

So many trans-humans. So many experiments. So many inversions.

They have had no limits since the death of John Kennedy!

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  • Snark, please tell more about cirstenw as I was to meet her in SM on the Sat b4 her death. SHe was in hospital so obviously had to cancel.  She had bacterial pneumonia.  

    Cirstenw was not good in disagreeing with others.  Tough minded I would describe her. Scott McKay and Michael Jaco did not like her bashing  Juan OSavin.  I think she's dead but no Santa.  I'm going to shutup and listen to what you have to say

  • I can't believe the stuff about Betty either @Stephanie

  • There aren't many in Hollywood that bothers me to know they are going to get exactly what these satanic pedovores deserves, but I do hate to think Betty was one of them..who knows 60 years ago, they may not have been as despicable, yet, realistically, she was an icon and always had work so she must have been fulfilling her '''obligations''' sadly._

  • So...nothing is real

  • I saw a video recently showing clips from the last Miss America pageant claiming every single contestant was a man.  It looked plausible, honestly, for a good number of them, not sure if I believe they all were, but what I did notice is for sure they all had very boyish hips and wide shoulders.  And what is it with "supermodels" striving for such long and impossibly lean bodies, along with mastering the art of the "broken doll" look in their body positioning?  I really think it's half trying to confuse us about gender, so we don't notice their inversions, but I also think it's because that must be what THEY look like.  Long and slender.  Do you ever wonder why the designers make these crazy outfits that really look like no one on earth would wear them but the might go over well at a Star Trek party?  I think it's because the designs are for the aliens.  They're not creative - that's part of what they use us for.  That's why they pick the alien looking models though and that's why the highest fashion wear looks, well, ALIEN.  Just thinking out loud.

  • There is no true reporting dot com either.

    • TRURepoting

      Try that. One word,I believe.

  • Is there a link to Beyond the Headlines cuz I can't find it on googal.

  • You mentioned Orion in your video.

    According to standard cosmology stars are birthed in nebulae.

    According to Egyptian mythology our star (the sun) and our planet (and the rest of the solar system) were "birthed" by Osiris/Orion; "he" "ejaculated" the solar system into existence into the river of time.  If you notice the constellation Orion (Osiris); his "sword" (penis) is where the Orion Nebula resides.

    Another point of note is that the star systems between Orion and the Sun form an inverted fibonnaci spiral; the "fingerprint" of "organic"/"natural" growth in nature.  Indicating that all of those star systems may derive from the Orion Nebula.

    In the Saturn cults; Orion is meant to represent the next level of heirarchy above Saturn/Satan.

    It goes the Moon (soul processing station? the light we see at death to reprocess our souls?) -> Saturn -> Orion.

    This symbolism of Saturn/Orion is sprinkled throughout many world religions.

    I have been a fan of yours for years and truly enjoy all your work.  Thank you for all that you do.

    • In that context Metatron (the multi-dimensional AI/entity on the north pole of Saturn/also known as YHWH) can be considered an intercom/baby-monitor/warden (game? Prison?) of the solar system which is connected directly to Orion.

      John Dee (the original 007) created/discovered/channeled the Enochian language in order to speak with Enoch/Satan/Metatron/Saturn -> Orion.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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