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The Bermuda Triangle explained.... it is hiding a Draconian base below.

All disks are run like the cartels and dirty government. 

Biden, Branson, and Epstein are hundreds of years old.

9-11 breakdown.  Negative ETS were there.

Michael Jackson was saved by Trump. 

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  • Y'all should watch the movie the hunt.
    It's funny -- and yes, it's a play on politics and hunting for people.
    >>> Watch The Hunt | Netflix

    Watch The Hunt | Netflix
    In this dark horror satire, wealthy elites hunt innocent ordinary citizens for sport — until one of them turns the tables on her pursuers.
  • ? Question for Christian21, please 👑Linda?

    Q: So, is Michael Jackson still black?? Without the skin lightening?? Only asking cos Christian did say it was after that Pepsi ad rehearsal where his hair got set alight, that Trump hid him. So, who was it in his place?? A double?? What about all those hits he made, AFTER the accident (??) 😩Man this is taxing me😖 - Thanks, again guys you're the BEST 🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞👍🏼😘😘

  • I wish I could understand this guy! What nationality is he?


    • English, London cockney accent 🇬🇧 bless, Linda she has even put up subtitles to help us all to understand him a whole lot better. Christian21 you express and explain away, we really appreciate this VITAL INFORMATION Boss👍🏼🙏🏼💞😍😁🙌🏾🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    • he is a Scot. 

  • W💥W 😵🤔😱😨 I, think I'm going to watch this again... Then FAINT 

    • ive rewatched most if them. loads if information.

  • speaking of Paul McCartney concerts. My husband went to one last year at a small baseball stadium in Winston Salem,NC. It was a heavy rain and people had to stand outside. There was no awnings. Anyhow, several people cited a UFO, including my husband. He was a non-believer in the extraterrestrials. He was in the military, saw many things, but never anything like this. He said it stopped on a dime went back the other way. Then shot away. he was in the navy and he said the mind would play tricks on people out at sea. lights under the water. fir us believers we know exactly what they see and its not a trick. i assure the people singer are real. he met several when he wirked security at concerts in OKC when he worked for the Veterans Administration as a federal cop for VA hospitals. he met Fergie when she and the Black Eyed Peas first came out. she made a pass at him. 😂 he met Keith Richards, and somebody else I forgot, but sat and talked to him for about 25 minutes..

    • sry for typos....migraine and small keyboards

  • there is a show on either netflix or prime that soeak of cloning. they tell us straight up about chimeras!!

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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