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  • Wow I get to listen to two of my favorite people. You both ate so encouraging and positive . Thank you

  • I'd love Snarky to get Tarot by Izabella (Youtube) on. She's the real deal!

  • Hey, Linda,

    I don't understand the reason for it but some of the Bluewater family continue to give you a bad rep.  I always call that person on the negative behavior, and Blue, himself, just may tell me to go away.  As far as I can see, I'm in a small class of people willing to stand up for you.  People are cowards, liars, and thieves, to name three faults.  I'm not perfect, but there are principles I live by and I speak out against railroading. 

    Great video.

  • Love seeing you two together. It was a great show I enjoyed it.

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