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  • Thank you Linda for what you share. This stuff has been going on for waaay too long.  How wonderful the truth will set so many free if they believe and can handle it. I do find the whole human-eating alien issue fascinating for many reasons. Contrast what they do to humans with what us human animals have done to the environment and the 70 billion animals plus the marine life we consume every year. Those animals are not living a happy life, are raped to get pregnant, have their bodies mutilated, their babies taken away, have a loss of freedom, and they are slaughtered at an early age. Ther is no "happy" meat or "happy" slaughter, watch the "Earthlings" documentary and see. Watch the "Dairy is Scary" video on youtube and see. Even romanticized "pastured" animals humans brag and salivate about are killed at 55-60 days old--they are mere babies as chickens should live to be 8-10 years old. I grew up omnivore but have been a whole food ethical vegan for over 25 years. By not eating them I have "saved" over 1500 animals. That does not make me superior. I love animals and would not kill and eat a dog, or a cow, chicken, or pig, So, lets relate humans eating terrorized animals to the ET's that farm us and eat human flesh and blood.What is the difference? we are all animals. All flesh and blood. What goes around, comes around. We reap what we sow. Humans want to be superior! so the cannibal ET's are showing their superiority and domianance. Cannibals and mass murderers stae that human flesh tastes like pig. Peace be wih you.

  • I have been working on the ascension process for over 30 years but I can't like these libtards. I call them Satan's Zombies.

  • You are so right. 
    You say the right things at the right time.  I was having a very shitty day and you baaaing and reminding me of what these things really are and helping me learn to focus and leave the past in the past was perfect timing. I can't wait to get out of here. Today I had a ram sheeplevdude try to guilt me into a booty call before he moves and another one that doesn't think that my working 14-16 hours a day 6 days a week at 53:years old with a broken back, torn rotator cuff, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, fibromyalgia,  spondylitis is enough,  plus I have an animal rescue with nobody helping me. They say that I'm not doing enough.  And want a booty call. It didn't and will never happen. They make me sick. My animals and I are ready to ascend amf get away from all the baaaad!  God bless you Linda and my Snarky Family.  Stay strong  


  • Oi Pitfall clementdog i.e., pant-full,

    Take Heed the Barbarian Hammer.

    & Toot Sweet,  "Return To Innocence" Enigma

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    • Ur SICK!

    • WTF  

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