Who are the trannies you see on TV?

We have a number of them and if you watch this video - you see why they are trannies.

This is Anatomy 101 with LJP - a lesson on the male vs female anatomy.

This is fun, shocking, and informative!

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  • Found your TG and YT., halfway thru your Cd viid and yesss.. Vrill, clones, drones.. we can absolutely be besties! So hard to find people with eyes that really see! I'm in Oklahoma.., my husband is Active Duty Army even though maybe not for long bc of the c-vid cupcake he refuses to take. We might be out on our asses with our 8 kids if they keep this shit up and Trumpy doesn't come back ASAP. I never heard the ear thing before! I can't wait to investigate. For me, the easiest ways to tell is the curve of the back, the thickness/angles of the collarbone, and the presence or absence of the shoulder notches. Also the location of the smallest part of waist.. females, it is above the belly button.. males it is level with belly button. So many fun things to look for with these sick Satanists! 

  • I've realized one of their fun games .. "The Real Houswives" series of shows.. most of them are dudes with a female or two sprinkled in.  It's sickkkkkk. Look at the newest cast.. "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" .. sooooo obvious and revolting.  

  • This topic kept me up investigating Hollyweird for soooo many nights. The one I show ppl first is Suri Cruise, it's ridiculously apparent. The one that was most shocking to me.. was .. "The Rock".. Dwayne Johnson. If they can do that to a chick.. there truly is no limit. I used to watch a channel called "Rose tinted glasses" on YT.. she did so many great vids on different celebs. Of course she was removed, and I haven't found her again. 

    • Bravo bravo bravo!!!

      I was so mad when I figured out the rock! I'm not gay!!! Maybe on bitchute or rumble that rose tinted is... I see the shills have lies but they don't know how to tell just like the man at the beginning of this video doesn't know. I have a YouTube I teach people how they can tell. It's just the ears but I'll show you how I mean you know but maybe friends don't. And isn't that crazy about the housewives! Are you in az and can you be my bestie? People call me so many names and I know I'm not wrong. It's not a witch hunt it's just telling the truth since they won't. MY yt is Marisa pinkarisa and the video is cognitive dissonance  :) yay for you! 🙏🙌💪

  • I always knew Sarah Parker was a dude even when I wasn't awake.  He's very obvious.

  • They get wonky eyes from the hormone abuse 

  • None of the names he rattled off are male to female inverts, sorry. Pink is actually Heather ororke. Its the ears in comparison to the eye placement. Jennifer is a female also SORRY. Marilyn had children with elvis. I am the most deprogrammed person, they don't get to fool me and neither do you. Sarah is a male that is correct. I expose them all on my telegram channel,  t.me/jointchat/kORplYYflw0xNDkx. Ariana is a male that is correct. You can't just guess. You have to know how to tell them apart. It's the ears. Period. Kylie is a girl too lol. Learn the ears and don't let anyone fool you. Betty white and Martha Stewart are men.... so is dolly pardon I think. Thats why mother Theresa covered his ears. I can tell them apart every single time! "Allegedly " 

    • Your YouTube channel is deleted and your telegram address is not on telegram.  I don't trust you.  I saw video footage you posted online.  You are in serious mental trouble.  Please go get some help.

    • Now wait just a darn tootin' minute. You are telling me that Pink is really the little girl from Poltergeist that supposidley died when she was a little girl ? But why ? Why would they fake her death back then when she was just a kid ? Only to pretend she is someone else named Pink lol ? I just don't understand the main agenda behind doing that. Was Heathers Parents complete psychopaths or something ? And Betty White is really a man ? I met Betty White at one of her last book signings and she seemed like such a sweet old lady. Now you got my brain rocked lol. These people from my childhood are turning out to be complete frauds if this is really true. Just would really like to know if this is all true then why ? What is the point of pretending to be someone else ? What do they gain by fooling the public into thinking they're someone else ? Or faking their own death to become a different person ? I'm genuinely curious.

    • It's their baphomet agenda they want boys with t I t s they can f u c k in the a s s without getting pregnant and something about the a n u s too I forget tho. I believe pink is Heather ororke.  They kidnapped her, I have no idea about the parents at all. I feel like they should or deserve to know but they did put her in hollyweird so idk. They kidnapped her and raised her in what we call the beast system. All the inversion is to trick us and fool us and hey, if I think beyonce is the best,  then they have brainwashed me into their agenda because that is a man. Means boy once. Katy perry is jonbenet ramsey. I have some gifts other than teaching people how to learn the ears. I can see people's auras and I face map because I'm an esthetician so I get matches both those ways so I'm 100% on Katy and maybe 95% on pink...what do they gain? Well it's their agenda. They want everyone confused and worshipping THEM. They are rewarded with fame and hormones and probably less abuse I don't know. Most famous people are inverted which goes to show its not because they have talent. It's because they are in the club. The other person's comment above is also correct. I'm impressed she knows her stuff! I teach the ears on my yt channel Marisa pinkarisa cognitive dissonance video. It's super easy once you learn. I have a few people trained doing very well so far! I Commented my telegram page I'm exposing them too! Daily! The point is to fool you and confuse you and make everyone gay. They don't like the secular family. It's an attack on humanity period. Satanic ish. Thanks for asking for more information instead of attacking me and calling me names. I'm grateful for you 💛

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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