Updates on the Solar Flash!

We also have Alex Collier. Reptilians were dumped on Earth! They are among us! Their eyes are everywhere!

The constitution does not exist! More reasons we need an event!

A better world is coming!

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  • The only help for humanity is Jesus Christ. I know who I am and who my God is. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. Without Christ, there is no salvation. To deny Him is to spend eternity in Hell. Repent and ask Jesus to come into your life before it is too late. The Devil and his fallen angels are masters of deceit. 

  • Funny...I think maybe this "flash" will also fry the chips put into the vaxxed and release any control over them. Just a thought. 

    Probably help us too because I'm sure we've been contaminated through our environment  including water, food, air.

  • Hi Linda! I am not seeing link to Alex Collier? Would love to see it! You rock btw! LOVE your commentary and am in awe of your research! Keep up the GREAT work!!! 😀 ❤️

  • Go to documentary "SIR NO FACE" if you haven't seen it! They got a perfect pic of the serpent people/reptilians/demons! 

  • Hi Linda , It's Peter Khoury j E mailed you last week but I'm sure you're busy maybe you missed it but I Have a lot of video footage of things you've mentioned before like Vrill Lizards , I have a live video of a female type 1 vrill lizard on her hachlings in her nest but its 100% clear how real it is and it will resonate with you as such . mostly I stay to myself watch your lovely show , practice praying , meditating , smoking weed (vaping) once a while and do tons of research both on n offline , after seeing your show the first time back when you were on YouTube,  I loved you than instantly in a innocent way like I can relate to 99% of what you're saying and feel that way myself , I have considered getting in touch with you if you're interested in meeting a real canninite (both parents were born in Phonecia modern day Lebanon my dad was born literally at the foothills of Mount Hermon in a village called Journaya with his mother's side related to King Hiram Abiff - (freaking masons been after me) since a very young age and  that's when I turned it down bc I wouldn't take their oath to Baphomet , these people are controlled in places of power - cops, judges,politicians,  space force moved in next to my home in florida Indialantic satellite Beach area ... You're getting better with every show , I'm wanting to share the research I do with you if you'd be ok with that ? There's been many times I had things that you were speaking about and I was like oh oh oh I got that she would live to see this picture or that video etc...etc... I have a life nobody would believe unless they were three with me the whole time living with Raytheon next door Atwell as Lockheed,  Boeing  Aerospace Defense Systems , N.A.S.A,SpaceX, McDonnell Douglas, Grumman, Extant , the entire city of Melbourne Florida and beachside especially (higher payed deep state industrial complex ) so when Space Command chose to take over Patrick AFB in Satellite Beach I thought maybe things will clean up around here ... I could go into the details but it's not the time nor the place ... if have any knterest in having connections deep in the realness of what your show talks about much of the time , I have a feeling you'd like to hear some things ... I'm not easy to Crack into but the nation is being subverted , today General Flynn left a message I will post here its disparaging to say the least opposite to what I want or anyone wants ... I have to remove certain parts until further notice ... sometimes these Fuckers just don't know when a they push a man too damn far into a corner ,he is going to ,well u know,  sue the people in court of course because the judges aren't compromised nawwww ... lol let's see if I can fit a 7 kb pic of space crafts that are indeed cloaked /orbs/EBE #3 Interrogation (someone in Tampa used that video online marketing it as his all he had to do was ask I would of okayed it but he snuck me ... I had asked him to keep it to himself for a while , next day it was up on YouTube with a logo ... that Fucker ! Sorry I'm trying to clean up my language ... anyway love you ... you sparky Lil angel you ...😊


    [email protected]

    Or [email protected] I'd give you more contact info just not here .. Peter K... ttyl


    • I would LOVE to see your video of a reptilian laying eggs. Have you watched "SIR NO FACE?" Clear pic of a serpent person/reptilian/demon. You have to see it! I put mine in edit and messed with the colors and you can see it's a serpent! Disgusting looking!! Evil!! I used to watch a lot of paranormal shows. And I saw one where a lady was trying to find her sister in the dark while the things in the room were flying around and the sister starting taking pictures with a camera to find her sister. The camera showed a serpentine thing flying around the room! It was definitely a snake!! I used to have snakes when I was younger and I know the face and body . I just saw this No Face video and it blew me away! This stuff is real! 

  • I heard Madeline's parents got a lot of money for her, and they were shopping and buying new rolexes and other expensive jewelry.



  • Hi Linda you true WARRIORESS! Can you please give instructions regarding sungazing? I know you mentioned morning evenings but how long? With or without sunglasses? 

    Thank you tremendously! 

    Love ya! 

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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