Do you miss the illuminati movie review?

Well we have that intro today and you will be very familiar with the actress we will feature! Any guesses? Click ‘Play’ now.

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  • You always do such a great job!!!  Thank you so much. This got me thinking. First of all Agatha Christie is ugly. First clue it's a male. Then my mind is racing. Do you think the Lindbergh baby case was a sacrifice?  Like Eric Claptons child or Jett Ttavolta?  Mind racing but the logical seems logical with these lizards. 

  • Thank you for this report, Linda. Agatha Christie was one of my favorite authors when I was a child and I read as many of her books as I could find. At that time in my life, I knew nothing about homosexuality nor transgenderism. I just saw the author photos and thought she was not an attractive woman. Now I know she may have been born a boy baby. As I think about it more, considering the crowd that populated her stories, she must have been a part of that nefarious crew that goes by a number of different names, like authors Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. Thanks again. I look forward to your upcoming discussion with Sarge. 

  • I believe that acress  was Shirely McClaine as the mystery writer, and the actor who is Hercule is on youtube reading from the KJV bible.  He can be found under his real name.   BBC is not above changing the original scripts of Agatha Christie.

  • I posted something from Real Raw News and was told it was a fake news site.  I hope their news is reliable.

    • Teresa, what I've been noticing at Real Raw News is that most of the reports there I have already previously heard (recently - not necessarily old news) by other independent broadcasters, but the reports have been summarized and usually have some more updated information. More than ever now, we must question everything and engage our critical thinking skills, but I have been wondering if the stories at Real Raw News might be some kind of soft disclosure to help wake up some of the sleepers that might be starting to stir in their slumber. I'm still going to utilize that site, but I don't share as many stories as I used to with the general public because it's so late now that if the sleepers are still believing everything they hear on television (an invention created by the Na Zs to control consciousness-mission accomplished!) they're not going to wake up until the BIG disclosure finally comes down the pike. There will still be lots of zombies-the ones that choose not to wake up, and I guess those who had substances injected into their arms could very well be converted into that state, too. Always listen to your intuition regarding what is true. It never lies.

  • Thank God for Q. When I tried to tell my brother about Q and Reptilians, etc. he started keeping notes for the doctor.  Probably to show them when I started going crazy. (he's a nurse) LOL But if the Military came out and confirmed all of this stuff he would accept it 100%.

  • Linda Paris & Truman make scary news so much easier to take. I wait for every post!

    Thank you for making life more fun🐣🐥💕


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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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