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  • You got off YT because it was evil, why in the world would you go back on FB just to find someone?    FB is evil to core...


  • BOOO to fakebook, not gonna bother, it's all to collect info about you.

  • I got kicked off of Facebook April 5th! I don't think God wants me on there. My account is still there. I just get a box that says I need "Facebook Protect" for my account! Give me a break! When does Facebook give a 'rat's ass' about protecting our accounts! And after clicking on their box, Facebook Protect just freezes up and never authenicates my account! I'm on Truth Social and although Instagram is owned by Facebook, I'm still on that! Can't wait for these social networks go down with main stream media!


  • Linda i searched Facebook trying to find you but i'm not seeing you anywhere on there. I searched for Linda Paris and I searched McCallister but didn't see you. You need to put up a link on here for us. Thanks !

  • Cant join you on Faky Book because it's really DARPA

    iam on Truth Social too but can't access it from my Summer Vacation stop

    love your work though 



  • Where is the link?

This reply was deleted.

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